Oh! Fabulous. I love mushrooms, mold, algae, mildew, spores - so many glorious fungi, all here for our enjoyment.


anou: Slime Molds | colour study

* What slime molds have in common is a life cycle that superficially resembles that of the fungi. When conditions become unfavorable, these slime molds form sporangia - clusters of spores, often on the tips of stalks such as in the sporangium of a Physarum shown at right. Spores from the sporangia are dispersed to new habitats, “germinate” into small amoebae, and the life cycle begins again. Similarities in the life cycle do not, however, imply close relationship, especially when one considers that certain bacteria (the myxobacteria) and even an unusual ciliate have very similar life cycles, aggregating to form spores on a sporangium…

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