One Hydrangea…So Many Faces. I planted Hydrangeas in some large olive jars on a covered portico a fews years ago for one of my clients, and every summer they are more spectacular than the previous season. 

This Hydrangea, ‘Blushing Bride,’ is one of the repeat bloomers. It starts out a pale, pearl-pink in early summer, and then develops flowerheads of rose & green, and green & white, all on the same plant. 

I’ve been maintaining the client’s container gardens all summer, so I have been able to capture the various bloom-stages. By fall, the globes will trend toward mauve-pink and tawny-green.

Fertilizer? I’ve been using organic Cow Manure Tea from Authentic Haven Brand in California. The results are spectacular, and every year, the hydrangeas get a little more fabulous.