Pumpkin Lanterns! A wonderful way to illuminate Autumn container gardens. The lantern-shaped pods hang from branches in abundance this time of year. Plants are best supported with small stakes to show off the branches festooned with vivid orange and yellow lanterns in early fall. 

These plants were fed on a diet of Authentic Haven Brand “soil conditioner tea” (made from cow manure) and then potted into container gardens. 

In the news: this 100% organic compost manure tea is up for an AMERICAN MADE Martha Stewart Award, and you can vote RIGHT HERE, Aug 26 - Sept 14, 2013.

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew has its roots in American history. Annie Haven is the proprietor now (a family-owned business since 1924), but her ancestors have been brewing the tea since 1853 when it was first conceived by the Haven Seed Co.