2012: Year of the Geranium (National Gardening Bureau). 

Geraniums are easy to grow in full sun, blooming most of the summer with only a little pinching required to keep up flower production. For top-of-the-line garden performance, look for Pelargonium hortorum ’Calliope’ and ‘Caliente’ which are strong-growing, heat-tolerant plants, and profuse bloomers. (Last year, ‘Calliope Dark Red’ was my favorite geranium, with deep garnet-red flower clusters.)  

For showy foliage geraniums, try one of the variegated forms which don’t offer as much flower production, but the leaves are a stunning addition for container gardens. And for fragrance, use scented geraniums, which often having a trailing habit and work well in hanging baskets or in combination with other herbs.